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English crumpets are generally circular, roughly 8 cm (3") in diameter and 2 cm (0.8") thick. Their shape comes from being restrained in the pan/griddle by a shallow ring. They have a characteristic flat top with many small pores and a chewy and spongy texture. They may be cooked until ready to eat warm from the pan but are frequently left slightly undercooked so that they may be cooled and stored before being eaten freshly toasted. They are often eaten with a spread of butter or an alternative, such as jam, honey, chocolate spread, or yeast extract.

Traditional sized crumpets are available in packets of 6, 8 and 9. Newer Giant crumpets are now available to in a pack

WCrumpet.jpg GCrumpet.jpg


Wheat Flour [with Calcium, Iron, Niacin (B3) and Thiamin (B1)], Water, Yeast, Raising Agents: E450, E500, Salt, Sugar, Preservative: Calcium Propionate


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