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Mr Lee's Noodles
Zen Garden Vegetables and Dragon Fire Vegetables
Founder Damien Lee
Manufactorer Mr Lee's Pure Foods Co.
Price £2.99

Mr Lee’s Noodles is a British brand of instant noodle owned by Mr Lee's Pure Foods.


The brand was founded by Damien Lee in 2016, after diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma caused him to dramatically change his diet. Following successful chemotherapy and subsequent recovery, he decided to create a brand of healthy instant noodles with chef Andy Chu.[1]


The brand is not available in supermarkets yet,[2][3] but instead aims for the travel and hospitality industry, including Jetstar Airlines, South Western Railways, East Midlands Trains and independent hotels.

The brand has been certified low sugar, by Sugarwise[4]

The brand has distribution centres in United Kingdom, Denmark, US and Australia.

Vegan Flavours

  • Zen Garden Vegetables
  • Dragon Fire Vegetables


The company’s products have received a number of awards and commendations, including:

  • the finalist of the Startups Awards 2017 in the 'Crowdfunding Business of the Year' and 'Export Business of the Year',[5]
  • the finalist of the Food Manufacture Awards 2017 in the 'Best new use of food ingredients',[6]
  • the Silver Award winners at the Lunch! Innovation Challenge Awards 2017 [7]
  • winner in 'Best Newcomer' and highly commended in 'Best Marketing Campaign' and 'Snack/Confectionery Product of the Year' in the Vendies Awards 2017,[8]
  • the finalist of the Food & Drink Federation Awards 2017 in the 'Regional Business Growth – South West England',[9]
  • the finalist of the Health and Vitality Awards 2017 'Product of the Year' [10]
  • the Trailblazer at the Food Vision 2017 [11]
  • listed in the Startup 100 Index 2017 [12]
  • the finalist of the Fedex Small Business Grant UK 2017 [13]
  • the finalist of the Amazon Growing Business Awards 2016 'Entrepreneur of the Year' [14]
  • the Silver Award winners at the Lunch! Innovation Challenge Awards 2016 [15]


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