Hodmedod's British Pulses and Grains

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Hodmedod works with British farmers to supply a range of British-grown beans and peas, as well as some of the first British-grown quinoa.

As well as dried beans, peas and quinoa for cooking, the Hodmedod range includes ready-to-use canned beans and peas, and ready-to-eat snack roasted beans and peas.

All Hodmedod's products are suitable for vegans.


British Quinoa

White Quinoa, Quinoa Flour

British Beans

Split Fava Beans, Whole Fava Beans, Red Haricot Beans, Gog Magog Beans, Fava Bean Flour

British Peas

"Black Badger" Carlin Peas, "Red Fox" Carlin Peas, Whole Yellow Peas, Split Yellow Peas, Whole Blue Peas, Split Green Peas, Yellow Pea Flour, Green Pea Flour

Canned Beans and Peas

Red Haricot Beans, Carlin Peas, Whole Fava Beans, Baked British Bean, Organic Vaal Dhal

Roasted Beans and Peas

Roasted Fava Beans - Unsalted / Lightly Sea Salted / Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar Roasted Green Peas - Unsalted / Lightly Sea Salted / Horseradish