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Some Hobnobs
Creator McVities
Manufactorer McVities
Price £1+

Hobnob biscuits are a traditional British type of oat biscuit.

Hobnob is also the brand name of a commercial biscuit inspired by the traditional recipe. They are made from rolled oats and jumbo oats, similar to a Flapjack / digestive biscuit hybrid.


Nobbly oaty biscuits and Choc chip Varieties are Vegan.

Hobnobs chocchip.jpeg


The commercial recipe was introduced by McVitie's in Scotland in 1985. The biscuit is currently available in many varieties.


Plain hobnobs are made at the Tollcross factory in Glasgow. The chocolate variety is made at the Harlesden factory. The basic ingredients for Hobnobs are oats.


The original tagline of the Hobnob was "one nibble and you're nobbled",[1] and was removed. It has since been brought back, but slightly changed by adding "hob" to the beginning of the last word.[2]


The name comes from an earlier phrase, to hob or nob, meaning "to drink together, taking turns toasting one another", probably from Middle English habbe "to have" and nabbe, a contraction of ne + habbe, "to have not", hence, "to have and have not", "to give and take".


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Tom Hiddleston interview. October 2013 during promotional tour for the release of Thor the Dark World