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Heidi stands for diversity, freedom of choice and creative self-expression and has made it its mission to give you unlimited means and opportunities to experience more of life. Chocolate is only the starting point. The experience Heidi has to offer is what makes the difference. There are countless destinations to reach and as many reasons for us to create, innovate and involve you in memorable moments. We hope the journey never ends.


Heidi Chocolat SA was founded in 1994 by the Swiss family Laederach, the owner of Confiseur Läderach AG, a famous Swiss producer of premium chocolate and confiserie products.

Since April 2013 Heidi Chocolat is part of KEX Confectionery SA.

Heidi Chocolat is of the top chocolate brands in selected premium chocolate markets worldwide and is present in 48 markets throughout 6 continents.

Heidi’s growth is the result of our commitment to innovation; introducing surprising new product lines and recipes, our focus on quality, and our attention to our visual identity.

Presently, the company employs 400 people and is constantly expanding to new markets.


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Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, flavours. May contain traces of tree nuts, gluten and milk.


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